Presentation Development, Review, and Critiquing Services

Sometimes the stakes are so high, and the potential impact on organizations and individuals is so great, it is only prudent to call on a “fresh set of eyes” to assist you in developing that crucial presentation, or to provide an independent review and critique of your  presentation.

Our Presentation Development Service provides individuals and organizations access to the talents and skills of the ATI staff to assist in developing crucial presentations based on the 3C Oral Presentation Method™.  ATI’s experts will work closely with you to craft that crucial presentation – saving you time and money, and (more importantly) increasing the effectiveness of your presentation and the probability of achieving your desired outcome when it matters most!  We will ask the questions needed to understand your audience, crystallize your goals and objectives, and guide you through the process of crafting a Clear, Concise, and Compelling presentation that achieves your most critical objectives.

ATI’s Presentation Review and Critiquing Service fills the need for a truly independent “scrub” or “red-team” of that project oral proposal, regulatory compliance briefing, or public outreach briefing. Our experts will work with your team to provide an objective and penetrating critique of that “make or break” oral presentation.

Call us today to explore how ATI’s experts can ensure your most important oral presentations are Clear, Concise, and Compelling!