The Technically Speaking Academy℠

Communications Training for LEADERS

The two-day Technically Speaking AcademySM will transform your oral presentation skills and provide you the basis for life-long career and business success. Participants in the Academy learn a time-tested, integrated approach to planning, preparing, and delivering oral presentations – a process that is intentional, disciplined, efficient, and effective. Far more than a simple “how to” course, this two-day experience equips participants with:

  • critical insights into key human cognitive behaviors – such as information reception, triage, and assimilation; speaker/message credibility assessment; the logic of compelling arguments, and how we draw conclusions and make decisions.
  • the practical implications of what is known about human behaviors in terms of how we connect with our audience, package data and information, construct a presentation slide, frame a compelling argument, and conduct ourselves when we’re “on stage”.
  • an understanding of the Presentation Dynamic – understanding the relationship between your desired outcome, your audience, and your message.
  • the 3C Oral Presentation Method™ – a nine-step process for planning, composing, and delivering presentations that achieve your most important goals when the stakes are high and failure isn’t an option.
  • the 3C Oral Presentation Toolbox™ – a suite of useful and practical worksheets that lead you through the entire presentation planning, preparation, composition, and delivery process.
  • stage-craft and presentation delivery skills – the keys to enhancing your self-confidence, “owning the room”, and enhancing the effectiveness of the your presentation

The Academy is an integrated program of classroom instruction combined with in-class individual and group exercises that emphasize learning points and illustrate critical skills. Each major step in the 3C Oral Presentation Method™ is illustrated with an individual or group exercise. Thus when you leave the Academy, you will not simply have heard what you should do to plan, prepare, and deliver a world-class oral presentation, you will have actually experienced it for yourself!

The high-point and culmination of the Academy is the 3C Challenge Presentation™. Each participant is charged with crafting and delivering an oral presentation based on a 3C Challenge Scenario™ that places the speaker in a realistic high-stakes, high-stress environment. Each participant prepares and delivers a short presentation that is critiqued by the Academy leader and the other Academy participants.

Technically Speaking AcademySM alumni not only understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective oral presentations, but they also understand why.  Thus they have the knowledge to adapt the skills they learn in the Academy to their specific environment and to deal effectively with unanticipated challenges that often arise in the real world of high-stakes oral presentations.

Technically Speaking AcademiesSM are typically hosted by organizations and companies who wish to transform the oral presentation skills of their leadership team, managers at all levels in the organization, program and project leaders and teams, sales and marketing teams, regulatory compliance specialists, etc.  By hosting an Academy, and organization gains the advantage of having a customized 3C Challenge Scenario™ developed specifically for their organization. The use of a customized 3C Challenge Scenario™ significantly enhances the value of the experience to both the participants and their organization.

ATI also periodically offers Technically Speaking AcademiesSM on an open-enrollment basis.  This option allows individuals who wish to invest in their own futures, and organizations that do not need to train eight individuals, to access the academy training. (Contact us today to learn when the next open-enrollment academy will be held.)

The cost of the Technically Speaking AcademySM is $1500 per person, with a minimum of eight seats required and a limit of twelve seats per academy class. Participants receive a detailed workbook that also serves as a reference tool after the Academy is completed.  Alumni of the Technically Speaking Super-SeminarSM receive a 10% discount on the Academy tuition cost.

This service provides individuals and organizations access to the talents and skills of the ATI staff to assist in developing crucial presentations based on the 3C Oral Presentation Method™.  ATI’s experts will work closely with you to craft that crucial presentation – saving you time and money, and (more importantly) increasing the effectiveness of your presentation and the probability of achieving your desired outcome when it matters most!  We will ask the questions needed to understand your audience, crystallize your goals and objectives, and guide you through the process of crafting a Clear, Concise, and Compelling presentation that achieves your most critical objectives.

Call or email Sherrell Greene TODAY @ (865).385.9066 / to explore how you can bring the benefits of the Technically Speaking AcademySM to your organization!