Talking Head

Picture Yourself… We’ve all been there – or will be.  You are the key speaker at a crucial meeting – a meeting that will significantly impact your organization’s future – and possibly your career.  The subject is complex, controversial, and involves scientific, technical, or regulatory information.  You have a very short time to deliver you message.  Among your audience are those who are “neutral”, many who are “skeptical”, and some who are “hostile” to your views.  And they hold your future in their hands… Most individuals are ill-prepared by nature, training, and experience to perform well in these crucial engagements.  Do you have the skills required to excel in such high-stakes, high-stress environments?

You’ve invested MANY YEARS of your life mastering the technical aspects of your career and business. 

But have you invested even a SINGLE DAY to improve your oral communications skills – skills that are THE link between knowledge and success?  

ATI’s Technically Speaking Super-SeminarSM and Technically Speaking AcademySM were designed to address this critical training deficiency.  Our 3C Oral Presentation Method™ was developed specifically to transform the oral presentation skills of scientific, technology, regulatory, and high-tech business professionals.  With the 3C Oral Presentation Method™, crucial oral presentations become opportunities to prosper – rather than simply events to survive.