Oral Presentation Basics for Scientific, Technical, and High-Tech Business Professionals

 - The Technically Speaking SuperSeminar℠ -

This fast-paced and enjoyable half-day “Super-Seminar” is an introduction to and “crash course” in the essentials of effective oral presentations for those dealing with technical, complex, or controversial subject matter. The workshop curriculum is a carefully selected subset of topics taken from the 2-day Technically Speaking AcademySM.  Unlike the Technically Speaking AcademySM, which is limited to just twelve participants in each class, the Technically Speaking Super-SeminarSM accommodates large groups.  While we are happy to explore how we can customize a Technically Speaking Super-SeminarSM for your organization’s specific needs, the topics typically covered in 1/2-day seminars include:

  • Oral Communication – Understand why this “most human” of communication mediums is the one we all struggle to master.
  • The Role of Oral Presentations In Career and Business Success – Learn why this often undervalued, but essential skill is so essential to your career and business success.
  • The Special Challenges of Communicating Technical, Complex, and Controversial Information – Develop a basic understanding of the special challenges faced by technical presenters.
  • Focusing On Outcomes – The importance of precisely knowing your intended outcome before you begin crafting presentation slides.
  • Distilling Your Message – The role of “One Minute Messages” (“Elevator Speeches”) in oral presentation formulation, and three methods for crafting a great one!
  • The Use and Abuse of Oral Presentations – A simple set of proven “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you avoid common mistakes and improve the effectiveness of your oral presentations in any setting.

This seminar is particularly valuable for early-career professionals and organizations or companies who are seeking a staff-wide “boost” in their employee’s oral presentation skills. 

Technically Speaking Super-SeminarsSM are typically presented at the client’s site or another venue of the client’s choosing. 

The price of a SuperSeminar is $300.00 per participant for groups of up to twenty participants.  Tuition rate discounts are available for larger groups.  Please contact us for details.  The total cost of the seminar to the client is this base cost plus the actual travel expenses of the Seminar Leader.

Call or email Sherrell Greene TODAY @ (865).385.9066 / srg@ATInsightsLLC.com to explore how we can bring the benefits of the Technically Speaking Super-SeminarSM to your organization!