Technology Evaluation and Assessment

Whether you are DEVELOPER of technology and high-tech products; an ADOPTER contemplating the selection and deployment of competing technologies, systems, and products; or an INVESTOR seeking to execute your “due diligence” process prior to investing in high-tech companies, the ability to conduct objective analyses of technology maturity, functionality, and the obstacles and risks associated with development and use of technology is essential input to wise and informed decision making.  ATI’s consultants are highly experienced in the application of Technology Maturity Assessment (TMA) techniques (such as Technology Readiness Level Assessment), and ATI has developed proprietary extensions of these approaches optimized for differing business sectors.  Whenever you need to know whether a high-tech system or product is “good to go”, we can help you make an objective and informed decision.

Technology Evaluation As A Tool For Technology DEVELOPERS

An objective and accurate assessment of the current technical maturity and technical readiness of a technology, a suite of technologies, or a developmental product is a critical input to technology development planning, corporate investment strategy, market positioning, and organizational resource allocation.  We can perform, or assist your team to perform an evaluation that delivers the insights you need to know where you are now, and how to get to where you want to be.  Our rigorous analyses approach provides a suite of outcomes and insights that place you in a superior position for managing your own technology and product development activities and beating your competition to market, including:

  • Maturity and Functionality Analysis of your technology (and you competitor’s)
  • a crisp Technology Development Roadmap that defines technology down-select points and the information, data, and tests required to inform those decisions
  • Cost – to – Mature (or bring – to – market) Analysis 
  • Schedule – to – Mature (or bring – to – market) Analysis
  • Technology/Product Development Risk Register (a key resource for managing your corporate technology / product development risks

We can help you bring your next game-changing technology or product to market.  Give yourself the competitive advantage that comes with a disciplined, objective, and integrated Technology Evaluation!

Technology Evaluation As A Tool For Technology ADOPTERS

Are you faced with making a major decision regarding the selection and implementation of competing technology or high-tech products?  As an ADOPTER, the choice between competing technologies, systems, and products can be a confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming experience.  Mistakes can be painful and expensive.  While technologies differ, the principles of wise technology selection differ little across diverse technology arenas.  First comes clear product functionality requirements and specifications.  It can be surprisingly difficult to articulate these in a manner that provides the required product functionality differentiation. Next, a clear view of the relative Technology Maturity and Technology Functionality of competing technologies and products is required.  Finally, an integrated understanding of the relative Lifecycle Cost (acquisition, commissioning, operations, maintenance, decommissioning, and disposal) of the competing technologies or products is also a key input to wise technology choice.  Our experienced experts and rigorous Technology Evaluation methodologies can help you define your needs, understand and manage your deployment risk, and greatly reduce the likelihood of unintended, unpleasant, and costly outcomes.  Let us help you leverage our insights to improve the quality of your next technology adoption decision!

Technology Evaluation As A Tool For INVESTORS 

INVESTORS in fast-paced high-tech business sectors face special challenges.  Accurate and objective understanding of a company’s finances, people, processes, and products (and those of their competitors) is essential input to wise investment decisions.  Technology Evaluation is a key tool for delivering the insights required to understand the quality of a company’s products, their market position, and their marketplace Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).  If you are contemplating a major investment in either a startup or established high-tech company, we can help you clearly understand “ground truth” and execute a due diligence process that helps you avoid serious investment mistakes.

Whether you are a technology DEVELOPER, ADOPTER, or INVESTOR, we can help you make good decisions.  

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