About Our Founder – Sherrell R. Greene

sherrellDuring a career spanning over three decades at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Sherrell Greene rose from individual contributor to the position of Director of Research Reactor Development Programs and Director of Nuclear Technology Programs.  Under Sherrell’s leadership, ORNL’s Nuclear Technology Programs portfolio grew in just seven years from less than $20M/yr. to ~ $125M/yr. in research, development, and demonstration activities sponsored by eleven offices in four federal agencies – as well as a multitude of international collaborations and commercial partnerships.  He has extensive experience working with senior leadership in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – as well as a host of private sector companies both nationally and internationally.

Sherrell founded Advanced Technology Insights, LLC in January 2012.  He now serves as a consultant, adviser, coach, and trainer to organizations and individuals seeking to maximize their success in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

Sherrell has a passion for helping technical professionals and organizations achieve their career and business goals.  He has a knack for building and leading high-performing teams to achieve challenging goals in competitive environments.  He leverages an entrepreneurial spirit with uncommon strategic and tactical insight, keen analytical skills, multidisciplinary knowledge integration, cultural awareness, and compelling technical communication skills to assist his clients achieve their most challenging goals.

A nuclear engineer by training (Sherrell is an internationally recognized expert in commercial nuclear power severe accident safety), and a student of human nature by heart, Sherrell has worked with a variety of scientific and technical organizations throughout North America, Russia, Europe, and Asia.  His views and perspectives on complex technical issues have been sought by a variety of public media outlets, including National Public Radio, The Economist, Popular Science, Wired Magazine, and Japan’s NHK television network.

Sherrell and his best friend, Rebecca (a mechanical engineer), have been married for 39 years and reside in Farragut, Tennessee.  They have two adult children.  His personal interests include building and driving high-performance sports cars, amateur (“ham”) radio, fly-fishing, kayaking, and listening to Baroque and Bluegrass music.

More information about Sherrell, including his professional experience summary and publications list, can be found at:  www.SherrellGreene.com. Sherrell occasionally blogs on the topic of energy, technology, and society. His blog, Sustainable Energy Today, can be found at:  www.SustainableEnergyToday.blogspot.com.